Next to Now: Hot News Edition

WHO’S HOT? “July’s Most Tweeted Sites” in order: BBC, NYTimes, Mashable, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, NBC, CNN, Forbes, Fox News, Business Insider via The One Thing Issue 15 #placement   HTML5 IS GOING MAINSTREAM IAB updates the industry standard to HTML5, finishing the job on Flash that Steve Jobs started when he wouldn’t let […]

Next to Now: Good News / Bad News Edition

GOOD NEWS FOR PANDORA LISTENERS . . . AND ADVERTISERS Pandora’s sponsored listening program leads to higher ad engagement by *decreasing* the frequency of the ads. We think that advertising which helps users get what they want works much better than advertising that interrupts what they want. #audio   GOOD NEWS FOR INSTAGRAM The opening […]

Next to Now: Heart of the Summer Edition

  It’s alive! Twitter makes it easier to link your advertising campaign to live events. #social #live   Are interstitials worth it? Google says they deliver great click-through numbers but also high levels of bad feeling. #advertising   Peep shows, drones, and caffeine-ready concerts. Check out some early marketing experiments with Perisocope. #streaming #social   YouTube […]

Mad. Sq. Art: Teresita Fernández

Next to Now: What Do You See on the Horizon?

This week’s feature image is from Teresita Fernández’s “Fata Morgana” up now at Madison Square Park. Good news for advertisers who need more room to work with on mobile: Phablets on the march. (via Benedict Evans) #mobile New Pew data suggests the mobile tide has turned: “At the start of 2015, 39 of the top 50 digital news […]