Versolutions: New Year, New You

2019 hurtles toward us. Let’s work.     New Year, New You Statista listed the following as respondents’ top resolutions for 2018: 53% Save money 45% Lose weight or get in shape 25% Have more sex 24% Travel more 23% Read more books Hey, we’re in there! And at a pretty respectable percentage. (Only 15% wanted […]

Next to Now: Valentine’s Day Edition

  SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGERS REJOICE As a Valentine’s Day present to social media managers who like to keep their personal and their business identities distinct, Instagram announced this week that they are finally going to allow users to toggle between multiple accounts. #instagram #social   INFORMATION OVERLOAD From Quartz: “Many people today struggle with information […]

Improved Digital Ad Serving for Verso Clients

IN BRIEF Through its new partnership with AdSwerve, Verso Advertising gains a significantly improved level of direct in-house control over the entire ad serving process on behalf of its clients Verso now can deliver state-of-the-art verification, standardization, and post-click tracking of campaign data across all the relevant measurement categories (CTR, CPM, CPC, CPA, etc.) on […]