Next to Now: The Structure of Innovation

This week, the articles that caught our eye were about innovation in targeting and storytelling.   ONLINE VIDEO: IT’S NOT JUST MILLENNIALS Once predominantly the province of Millennials, online video watching has now stretched to include Gen X as well: “The average consumer between the ages of 16 and 45 watches 204 minutes of video […]

Next to Now: First Week of Fall (Official)

According to the calendar, autumn began this week. We can feel the turn in the air even though the work pace has been fall-fast for weeks now. A lot has shifted in advertising this month—between Chrome dropping support for Flash and iOS9 enabling ad blockers—and as usual we’re keeping an eye on what’s about to […]

Next to Now: Bird on a Wire Edition

This week’s links are dedicated to the idea that, whatever its form—voice, image, written word, or metadata—the art of advertising is the art of communication.   THE BANNER LIVES According to programmatic powerhouse AppNexus, ads seen on desktop computers still see the majority of ad impressions compared with mobile. The positives to the platform — […]

Next to Now: Labor Day Weekend Edition

INSTAGRAM ADS PERFORMING WELL While the minimum spend to work with Instagram directly is still too pricey for book publishers, those larger brands currently working with the platform are reporting highly efficient campaigns. “For now, Instagram is still a premium ad space, according to marketing experts. Salesforce says Instagram ads get almost double the click […]

Next to Now: Social Media Edition

  TWITTER AD OPTIONS EXPAND Twitter expands its ad products to drive video views and Tweet engagements beyond the Twitter platform. #social   FOOD AND PINTEREST 57% of Pinterest users have browsed food content on Pinterest while in store. For cookbook publishers, that sounds like an opportunity: “DIY and crafts, home decor, food and drink, […]

Next to Now: Hot News Edition

WHO’S HOT? “July’s Most Tweeted Sites” in order: BBC, NYTimes, Mashable, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, NBC, CNN, Forbes, Fox News, Business Insider via The One Thing Issue 15 #placement   HTML5 IS GOING MAINSTREAM IAB updates the industry standard to HTML5, finishing the job on Flash that Steve Jobs started when he wouldn’t let […]

Next to Now: “Everybody in the Pool” Edition

PERISCOPE UP Periscope now has 10 million users who watch 21 million minutes a day. #social #video FACEBOOK ADS OUTPERFORM OTHER SOCIAL NETWORKS More marketers say they’re satisfied with Facebook ad performance than say the same about LinkedIn, Twitter, or YouTube. Those platforms all serve very different functions so it’s a little disingenuous to put […]

Next to Now: Good News / Bad News Edition

GOOD NEWS FOR PANDORA LISTENERS . . . AND ADVERTISERS Pandora’s sponsored listening program leads to higher ad engagement by *decreasing* the frequency of the ads. We think that advertising which helps users get what they want works much better than advertising that interrupts what they want. #audio   GOOD NEWS FOR INSTAGRAM The opening […]