Summer Friday Links for August 9

The Ultimate Hothouse Review?

In which Robert Gottlieb uses a word we’d never heard of—“panjandrum”—to reference his old boss, Mr. Knopf. This is the review we’ve been waiting for.

The Return of the Comment?

After a good number of sites gave up on comments as a field for the worst in human nature, sites such as Quartz, Gawker and Medium are trying to make comments work with an in-story format coupled with a new name—“Annotation”. Even the New York Times is looking into it (gasp).

Measuring Twitter as a Driver of Consumer Behavior

Brian Stelter reports in the New York Times on a new Nielsen study that indicates Twitter is driving TV viewership. What does this mean for books? The report doesn’t speculate, and given the differences between TV and books that’s probably a good idea. TV remains at its heart a live experience with mass reach, while books live deeper in the niches, waiting more patiently and with greater memory than the most sophisticated DVR. While Twitter’s measurable influence on book buying remains elusive, the study’s implication is clear: Twitter is a driver of media consumption.

The “Untapped Marketing Opportunity” We’ve been Tapping for Years

Mobile Marketer suggests in-stream audio advertising is an “untapped marketing opportunity.” Really? We’ve been running campaigns for clients and touting the results for years.

Harry Potter as Allen Ginsburg?

We have mixed feelings about this, though early word is good. “Kill Your Darlings” with Daniel Radcliffe opens October 18.

Facebook to introduce video ads!

But book publishers might want to wait for the $2MM a day price tag to come down.

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