Summer Friday Links

Junot Díaz Puts the Genius into Rap Genius

From GigaOm: Junot Díaz has annotated a section of his 2008 book “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao” on the interactive writing site RapGenius. Diaz added notes that explain his inspiration for the passage, including Star Wars, Dungeons and Dragons, Star Trek and a number of bad science-fiction movies. Sheryl Sandberg did something similar with her book Lean In.

How Does the Publicis-Omnicom Merger Impact Tech?

Ask GigaOm

How Does It Impact Small Agencies?

Dan Weiden thinks small agencies are the place to be:

“Giant agencies are wobbling like drunkards… the rest of you should be sharpening your knives.”

Can Social Media Sell More Books?

Pete McCarthy dares to use the words “wisdom” and “social media” in the same sentence.

U.S. Adults Now Spending More Time on Digital Devices Than Watching TV

This doesn’t account for screen overlap (e.g. tweeting while watching the Academy Awards), but it’s a big enough deal that it’s all over the media.

Good News for the NEW YORK TIMES

That is, “good news” in the sense that “the glass is half full.”

Never Count Oprah Out. Never.

OWN turns a profit.

Buzzfeed Puts Reza Aslan’s ZEALOT in Context

A list of books about a particular religion written by someone not of that faith.


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