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Next to Now: Grow Your Presence


Mobile ads are sucking up our data plans (says mobile ad blocker, Shine): “Shine estimates that, depending on your geography, ads are using up 10-50% of user’s data plans (and not to mention sucking up battery life, and making load times slower.)”

Despite Concerns, Interest in Mobile Audience Targeting Rises.

Pandora or Spotify? Spotify or Pandora? In the race for digital music subscribers, it’s a two-horse race. We know who has the most listeners. But the scrap for the best listeners is ongoing.

From the brilliant Web scourers at Dark Matter: “File under ‘what we all knew already, but can now prove with data’ : Pinterest is a great predictor of life events.”

If personalization seems “invasive and robotic” to your customers, just call it “relevancy.” Easy peasy! (We would file this under ‘marketing hooey,’ a language we think does a disservice to consumers, clients, and the marketing agencies that practice it. Stop trying to outsmart customers, and start treating them like you’d like to be treated. Is that so hard?

Facebook carousel format now available for mobile app ads. We’re looking forward to trying this out!