Verso Survey: Changing Dynamics of Reader Format Preferences

Today’s Publishers Lunch breaks the latest story from the most recent Verso Reader Survey. Michael Cader quotes Verso Digital’s Jack McKeown:

“While e-reader ownership rates have increased in a dramatic fashion since our first survey in December, 2009, so too has the level of resistance. The dynamic movement highlighted in this data suggests that over time, consumers have moved out of the ‘not sure’ category in one of two directions:  a.) toward actual ownership, or a high probability of near-term ownership of a dedicated e-reader; or b.) into the ranks of resistors for whom the devices do not yet offer a compelling ‘relative advantage’ to overcome their conservatism re: printed books.”

To read about Shelf Awareness’s take on the Survey results, click here.

For comparison, you can look at the first annual survey (as presented at the ABA’s Day of Education at the 2010 Book Expo America) and the second annual survey (as presented at the 2011 Digital Book World conference).


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