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Improved Digital Ad Serving for Verso Clients

Verso Advertising, Inc.

Great News for Verso Digital Clients

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  • Through its new partnership with AdSwerve, Verso Advertising gains a significantly improved level of direct in-house control over the entire ad serving process on behalf of its clients
  • Verso now can deliver state-of-the-art verification, standardization, and post-click tracking of campaign data across all the relevant measurement categories (CTR, CPM, CPC, CPA, etc.) on a daily basis
  • All these improvements are delivered at a minimal increased cost to the client


Verso · AdSwerve · DoubleClick


Verso Advertising is pleased to announce the next stage in the continuing evolution of our digital services. We are now offering all of our clients the benefits of a third party server for digital campaigns through a new agreement with AdSwerve, a provider of DoubleClick for Advertisers ad hosting and reporting. Continue reading