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Another Milestone

Serving the book publishing industry since 1989

In 1989, the Berlin Wall came down. Today, the U.S. government is partially shut down over a different wall.

We’ve seen the rise of Amazon, ebooks, digital advertising and social media among other game changers.

But the passion that brings people into this business remains the same as it was when some of us were singing “Love Shack” along with The B-52’s. That is: to connect readers with books that will inform, move, improve, comfort, distract, engage, transform . . .

That’s where Verso comes in. 

You’ve tapped us for inspiration. You’ve turned to us for reliability and honesty. You’ve trusted us to enhance your voice and your reach.

You know we’re there when you want the best, fast, at the best rate going.

For 30 years our partnership has been a pleasure and a privilege.

Thank you.

John Grisham — A Time To Kill
Michael Lewis — Liar's Poker
Jeffrey Eugenides — The Virgin Suicides
Kazuo Ishiguro — The Remains of the day


Publishers Weekly Fiction Top Ten:

  1. Clear and Present Danger by Tom Clancy
  2. The Dark Half by Stephen King
  3. Daddy by Danielle Steel
  4. Star by Danielle Steel
  5. Caribbean by James A. Michener
  6. The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie
  7. The Russia House by John Le Carré
  8. The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet
  9. California Gold by John Jakes
  10. While My Pretty One Sleeps by Mary Higgins Clark


  1. All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten: Uncommon Thoughts on Common Things by Robert Fulghum
  2. Wealth Without Risk: How To Develop a Personal Fortune Without Going Out on a Limb by Charles J. Givens
  3. A Woman Named Jackie by C. David Heymann
  4. It Was on Fire When I Lay Down on It by Robert Fulghum
  5. Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book by the BH&G Editors
  6. The Way Things Work by David Macaulay
  7. It’s Always Something by Gilda Radner
  8. Roseanne: My Life as a Woman by Roseanne Barr
  9. The Frugal Gourmet Cooks Three Ancient Cuisines: China, Greece, and Rome by Jeff Smith
  10. My Turn: The Memoirs of Nancy Reagan by Nancy Reagan with William Novak




Versolutions: New Year, New You

2019 hurtles toward us.
Let’s work.



New Year, New You

Statista listed the following as respondents’ top resolutions for 2018:

  • 53% Save money
  • 45% Lose weight or get in shape
  • 25% Have more sex
  • 24% Travel more
  • 23% Read more books

Hey, we’re in there! And at a pretty respectable percentage. (Only 15% wanted to “Find love.”)

Let’s help those aspirants find their books.

(And if they’re books about saving money, getting in shape, getting it on, or getting away, then so much the better.)




High-engagement units on premium sites for affluent influencers



Flex Frame: a unit that really stays with you.

Center Stage Story with interactive excerpt or video.

Lifestyle content with high trust value



Eblasts, book club, and more.


Off the wall and on the wall



Health Media Network powered by CBS:
Reach doctors’ waiting areas nationwide.

Target by specialty … for example: “Pediatricians” if you want parents.

Hyperlocal and plugged into the community



Lots of our programmatic ads wind up here — that’s because they get clicks. And if we go direct, then we get options like Skins in the game, plus promoted calendar posts and more.


Up in the air



We do big screens, we do small screens. Reach travelers during their airport downtime on these tablet units, now available at 8 premium airport locations.

Let’s Discuss a Plan ‣


Versolutions now

“How did it get so late so soon?”
—Dr. Seuss


The first New York Times Book Review of September closes in a week.

That means seventeen Sundays left before Christmas. Of those, only THREE have far forward guaranteed full-page positioning still available. Busy days, and not just at the Times

Make sure your author gets positioning ‣
Native ads targeted programmatically to news

All the news that’s fit to post

Native ads targeted programmatically to news (and other) properties get high engagement rates and don’t take a lot of resources to assemble … fast.

Look like you belong there ‣
Reserve now!

In fact … all the news

USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post — each eager to work with us for value-rich plans (online as well as print). Reserve now for your Fall 2018 authors.

And big, national brands are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the newspaper biz. Local papers around the country continue to offer devoted READERships and we’re bringing it all on home to you.

Get ‘em where they live ‣


Versolutions Road Trip

Versolutions Road Trip


Somewhere between Los Angeles and New York …

your reader needs a book. Let’s solve that problem!

It’s a big country but as you know, we often focus on the coasts and major cities. Here are a few ways to think about connecting those dots on the map … in the car.

Going somewhere?

Long vacation drives mean lots of opportunities.

  • Sirius XM radio: Over 65.4 million people are tuned in, and many vehicles have it pre-installed for a free trial.
  • iHeartRadio: Beloved brands and great targeting possibilities. Newer vehicles have streaming audio built right in so it’s just a tap away.
  • Podcasts: So last week, yet so now! As of 2018, 22 percent of Americans have listened to podcasts in the car.
Sirius XM · iHearRadio · Podcasts

Of course the airwaves are still alive with listeners too and Verso has been getting you the best rates for traditional radio since 1989.

Connect with a nationwide audience for a song!

By the way, highway billboards.

Let’s go there ‣
Versolutions Targeted Advertising

Come on without, come on within. Versolutions.



Well have them you shall.

We recently wrote that our network / programmatic buys can accommodate purchasers of individual books. They can now also target purchasers of individual MOVIE TICKETS.

Ain’t that granular?

Assemble ‣


As noted in last month’s INVERSO, when social media giant Twitter wanted to reach influencers at Cannes, they didn’t just tweet about it — they bought a bunch of billboards.

That’s because outdoor works. And it’s not always prohibitively expensive. Phone kiosks, bus shelters, wild posts and more can provide a big impact.



Find Your Place in the Sun ‣




(Of course you have.) 

Verso Advertising has relationships with multiple podcast vendors, which enables us to pinpoint just the right properties for your book.

True crime? Sassy chats? History lessons? Sports stats? Often the host will read your script, or even ad lib beyond the duration of your purchased spot.

Cast Your Pod ‣
Versolutions Programmatic Advertising

Versolutions: Finding your audience




Did you know our ONLINE NETWORK / PROGRAMMATIC buys can be executed in many ways?

Tell us your most important goals in advance:

  • High CTR?
  • Low CPC?
  • Tons of impressions?
  • Got to have certain sites?
  • Got to reach a certain audience?

By focusing, we can make it happen. Also …


NEW: We can now target not only avid book readers via behavior, but CONFIRMED BOOK PURCHASERS by product or company.


Most of these buys can now accommodate video or HTML5. We also have the capacity to book these as native units, simply providing text and an image. These
often see superior engagement. In some cases, we can convert your video to animated GIF format.


Feel the algorithm ‣


Apple News


Using proprietary, first-party data to target your exact demo with high-impact units across their more than 9 million daily users.


Take a bite ‣




It doesn’t matter if you’re Marvel or DC, we’ve got your number in a plastic sleeve, true believers. Print, online, perfect for YA, science, and nerdy offerings at all ages. Ask us how we can target!


Engage ‣

For more about these opportunities — or for more ideas — CONTACT US



Ideas for authors and publishers … introducing VERSOLUTIONS

You’ve got books.
We’ve got you covered.


Caveat Q4 Advertiser


Podcasts, Streaming TV, Radio, Broadcast TV, Premium Print Positions … ARE FILLING UP FAST.

Don’t miss out!

Plan ahead!

Streaming TV: Amazon Fire, Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, PS4, Xbox


Covering the market including Amazon Fire, Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, PS4, Xbox.

Premium content from A&E to Zumbo.

We can target book purchasers.

Ask for more ‣

The New Yorker


Verso Advertising has negotiated a first-ever print / online combo at a rate that’s highly accessible to publishers, with optional Vanity Fair crossover.

This is significant.

Get details ‣

For more about these opportunities — or for more ideas — CONTACT US