Next to Now: New Habits in Bloom

This week, we peek into changing consumer habits in messaging, video viewing, marketing, and searching.


Instant messaging is on the rise and ready to overtake email as the primary communication tool by 2019. Get your marketing skills up to speed.


Who What When Where Why: The modern quest reveals itself across all our autocompletes (apparently we still really want to know “Who killed JFK?”):

via Dark Matter 


The rise and fall of persona marketing, continued: Why personas are like Marmite.

via Dark Matter


The decline of kids TV—now so much less popular than tablets it’s a punishment:

“Mobile devices are so popular with kids that nearly half of the 800 parents quizzed by Miner & Co. reported that they confiscate their kids’ tablets when they act up and make them watch TV instead”

via Dave Pell

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