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Versolutions Road Trip

Versolutions Road Trip


Somewhere between Los Angeles and New York …

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It’s a big country but as you know, we often focus on the coasts and major cities. Here are a few ways to think about connecting those dots on the map … in the car.

Going somewhere?

Long vacation drives mean lots of opportunities.

  • Sirius XM radio: Over 65.4 million people are tuned in, and many vehicles have it pre-installed for a free trial.
  • iHeartRadio: Beloved brands and great targeting possibilities. Newer vehicles have streaming audio built right in so it’s just a tap away.
  • Podcasts: So last week, yet so now! As of 2018, 22 percent of Americans have listened to podcasts in the car.
Sirius XM · iHearRadio · Podcasts

Of course the airwaves are still alive with listeners too and Verso has been getting you the best rates for traditional radio since 1989.

Connect with a nationwide audience for a song!

By the way, highway billboards.

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