Finding the ideal reader for each book: The advantages of GEO-TARGETING on the Internet

Sometimes we dismiss the Web, with its hundreds of millions of users stretching across cyberspace, when we want a more localized, regional campaign. But technology allows us countless ways to target the user, including geographically.

Through our partnership with Burst Media, we can serve an ad to people living in a particular city, state, or part of the country. We can change the message, change the market, and change the timing according to the specific goals of the campaign.  And we can do this for our usual low cpm, reaching potential book-buyers much more cost-efficiently than with multiple print ads in regional newspapers. 

As with all of the Verso Reader Channel campaigns, you will receive full site-level reporting on a variety of measures and complete transparency.  CPM’s vary per market, but small campaigns could be effective for as little as $3500. Let us know if you’d like to see a schedule!

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