From the Wacky World of Broadcast

Verso’s broadcast buying partners, ever on the prowl for great opportunities and bargains, have provided us with a good overview of the current state of radio and TV: 

First and foremost: if you think you can’t afford it, you might very well be wrong! Some of the highest rated shows are willing to come way down from their sky-high prices. This is not to say that you’re going to get on the Superbowl for $10,000, but the bargains are out there and if there’s a program that you think might be perfect for your next big book, it never hurts to ask. Radio and TV alike. 

Secondly: timing is important. We have recently taken advantage of huge discounts that were offered to us for national spots on the Today Show and Evening News. Remember: it’s all about supply and demand. 

Just in case you were wondering: reality shows and awards shows still top the ratings in Network Programming (we’re looking at the week of 2/2/09). On cable, TNT’s The Closer is rated #1, but USA continues to dominate the Top 10 with Wrestling, Burn Notice and NCIS.

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