Next to Now: BEA Edition

Here’s what we’re reading this week in ad tech and online trends that matter to the book publishing industry.

In a coup, would this be a strategic guerilla base? Is somebody who looks like Gary Shtynegart getting better treatment than you? Take the quiz to find out if you are at BEA or the world’s worst airport! (via LitHub)

Mary Meeker, Mary Meeker! The latest edition of the most prominent internet trends report is out. We particularly like what she has to say about the evolution of content discovery (slide 7), business growth in sharing businesses over product businesses  (slides 120-123), and “Key Design Concepts that Have Made a Difference” (slides 182-184)

Hub Spot breaks out the top eight charts from the Meeker report, including acceleration in mobile video watching, increase in vertical viewing (thanks to mobile), and the increased male usage of Pinterest.

Where social meets search:

“Facebook has begun testing a feature that offers reviews from publications like Bon Appétit, Conde Nast Traveler, and the San Francisco Chronicle to rival Yelp’s crowdsourced reviews.”

Assuming this works well, can a version involving books be far behind?

The press discovers the book business (must be BEA again):

“Publishers embrace ‘bookiness.’”

Relevant clickbait, “7 Bookstores Too Beautiful for Words.”

The best thing about this Snapchat article (*another* Snapchat article?) is the chart about social network user share, by age group.

Podcasts are broadening the reach of public radio (this good news for podcast advertisers, too): “NPR podcasts are reaching younger, more diverse audiences.”

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