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IAB FAUs with VR, AR, and FAQ

The Standard Advertising Units are meeting new standards, as the IAB releases its new portfolio of Flexible Ad Units, including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and other formats, spanning the latest in social media, mobile video (vertical! 360-degree!) and even emoji.

The biggest change is from fixed pixel sizes to aspect ratios. This may not be a big deal this week, but like the transition from Flash to HTML5 it will be changing our lives very soon.

OK GO!!!




MediaRadar says more native is being purchased while programmatic spending is down.

This is partly due to brand safety concerns but performance plays in, our own experience suggests.

Print continues to descend – but readers gonna read. It’s not dead yet, especially among the kinds of readers who buy hardcovers.

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A fuller look at ad spends this quarter HERE




Giving the people what they didn’t know they wanted.

“It requires a lot of tracking resources, which is not an easy thing to do, but success on the web is not easy either.”

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Help them to be watched still more.

Takeaways: Know what your audience knows and use that to tell a story they’ll relate to.   (Bonus: spend lots of money.)

Application: Utilize comps, fonts, art, and language to build familiarity, and if possible subvert the viewer’s expectations in a rewarding (amusing) way.




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  1. We are currently in an environment where there is so much “noise” around that it is hard to standout amongst all the shouting of ads, facebook, twitter, emails etc. Programmatic gave the means of targeting desired audiences but advertisers need to find where their core audience are actively reading & consuming content, not just “scrolling” through. Native is offering that ability to not only utilize the power/voice of these influencer whether a news site or a blogger to align themselves with but also to reach that perspective reader in the medium they are consuming the content.

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