Verso Reader Survey: Reasons for Optimism

We are thrilled that our agency’s research was part of of two big reasons for optimism in book publishing over the past two weeks:  The American Booksellers Association “Winter Institute” and Digital Book World. Both conferences revealed crucial data from book publishing’s recent-past and evolving present, and both generated actionable ideas for our industry moving forward.

Here’s a link to our slides from 2012 Winter Institute.

Here’s a link to our slides from 2012 Digital Book World.

For links to news reports related to the latest Verso Survey of Book-Buying Behavior, click here.

For a final word, check out Library Journal‘s report from Digital Book World, “A More Optimistic Unconference,” which noted “a markedly different psychology among the Big Six,” and remarked that “the all-important data to buy into a new, bigger picture [of the publishing ecosystem] is compelling.”


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