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Madison Square Park, NYC

Next to Now – Late June Edition


Influencer marketing has become more widespread, with more than 200,000 such posts a month just on Facebook Inc.’s Instagram …  “We don’t want to be in the business of tricking consumers.”

Bloomberg on labeling influencer posts that are, effectively, advertising.

Ad it up.



This week we’ve seen a pleasant example of how a dominant physical presence – in this case a subway domination at the storied West 4th Street Subway Station – can lead to a huge social media presence – in this case a retweet by Stephen King to his millions of devoted followers.

Win for Winslow!



“Two Goliaths and Not a Slingshot in Sight.” An insightful overview of digital advertising: Google, Facebook, and [that other stuff] from The Wall Street Journal.

Perpend the pretenders . . .

Making Book Ads Work

“As publishers and authors strive to connect with their audiences through more channels than ever, what can the latest trends in book advertising teach us about how readers are engaging with books on the web and beyond?…”  Thanks to Charlotte Abbott, the Follow the Reader blog, and the #followreader community on Twitter for a thought-provoking week of interviews and live chats. Part one of Charlotte’s interview with Denise Berthiaume and Tom Thompson is here. Part two is here. And the tweetchat summary, “Book ads in the Publishing Ecosystem,” is here.