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The Way We Gift Now

The Way We Gift Now

In the 4.7.20 Shelf Awareness, Atomic Books of Baltimore, MD reported:

“People have been asking, ‘What can we do? How can we help?’ All you need to do is BUY BOOKS and GIFT CARDS! We don’t need donations or anything extra (just yet). We’re here to sell books. And if you keep buying books we should be fine.”

Let’s do it friends; start buying books now for all those events on the horizon. Sure, we could wait, but booksellers and bookstores need our help now! Let your friends and family know how easy it is to Shop Local and Now with Bookshop.org or IndieBound.org, and support their local retailer.



Rescheduled a lunch?


Remember DATES with friends? Since that’s not happening, send a book instead! Hilary Mantel is a captivating date with The Mirror & the Light; Don Winslow thrills with Broken; or surprise with debut author Elizabeth Wetmore’s Valentine.



The Mirror & the Light • Broken • Valentine

Grads love to read.




Think of the GRADUATES—kindergarten, elementary / middle / high school, college—who will miss their big celebrations. A gift is in order, maybe two! Buy a gift card or Oh, the Places You’ll Go, Becoming by Michelle Obama, Make Your Bed by William McKraven. Find inspiration NOW from your local bookstore.



Becoming • Oh, the Places You'll Go • Make Your Bed

Wedding postponed?




Maybe your friends had to cancel their WEDDING? Ours did. How about a book to cushion the blow? A terrific cookbook perhaps? One of Mark Bittman’s or his newest How to Eat; Ottolenghi Simple, or Bakerita “for the modern baker.” We’re going to send That Cheese Plate Will Change Your Life (out 5/12)—hope it’s true!



How to Eat • Ottolenghi Simple • Bakerita • That Cheese Plate Will Change Your Life

Moms & Dads.




Take care of MOTHER’S DAY (May 10) and FATHER’S DAY (June 21) NOW. Lots of excellent gifts for Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa. Consider Her Last Flight by Beatriz Williams, Simon the Fiddler by Paulette Jiles, The Dutch House by Ann Patchett, The Night Watchman by Louise Erdrich, Dad’s Maybe Book by Tim O’Brien, While the Music Played by Nathaniel Lande, Rick Atkinson’s The British Are Coming is new in paperback.



Her Last Flight • Dad's Maybe Book • While the Music Played • The British Are Coming

Christmas in April?




Think ahead to the HOLIDAYS! Be the person who shops early. Yes, you! There are books you can already see buying for Christmas or Hanukkah, so order NOW! Then there is plenty of time to wrap.



Christmas in April

“So call your local bookstore and see if they’re still shipping. It turns out the community of readers and books is the community we needed in the good old days, and it’s the community we need in hard times, and it’s the community we’ll want to be there when this whole thing is over.”
—Ann Patchett, co-owner of Parnassus Books, Nashville, TN




Our industry is so thoughtful and generous, and there are many ways to support bookstores and booksellers, artists and writers. Many of you already have. But if you have time to think about the books you want to share, to give, to press upon your friends and family, please do. The key word is NOW!









Or connect with your local bookseller.











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Neighborhood Bookstore Development Bank

Back in November 2009, Jack McKeown published an idea in Shelf Awareness that he thought could make a big difference in making independent bookstores a viable business and a vital part of communities around the country.

In the wake of Borders’ bankruptcy, the idea takes on new life. Now, Don Linn and Jack McKeown expand on the opportunities for indie booksellers in an article in the March 7, 2011 Publishers Lunch (registration required).

Here is the sketch of the original proposal:


The Neighborhood Bookstore Development Bank (NBDB)

  • Inspired by the Fresh Food Financing Initiative (FFFI), a successful seven-year-old program to help finance new independent, neighborhood groceries in five states, and the National Infrastructure Bank proposed by Felix Rohatyn and Everett Ehrlich in 2008.
  • Structured as private bank to assemble a portfolio of bookstore investments.
  • NBDB Commission of experts operates at arm’s-length to evaluate business plans and approve loans.
  • American Booksellers Association (ABA) contributes mission charter and board memberships, assists in preparation of business plans through education programs.
  • Core mission:
  1. capital improvements and expansion of existing stores
  2. conversion from rental to ownership of storefronts
  3. create new bookstores in under-served markets
  4. convert historic buildings to adaptive reuse as bookstores
  5. upgrade systems, websites and e-commerce initiatives
  6. finance print-on-demand centers (e.g. Espresso Book)
  7. 60/40 balance between new / existing store development


  • Capitalized through initial round of paid-in equity and leveraged at conservative 3:1 ratio–$2.5 million in equity yields $10 million in loan-able funds.
  • Pool of investors could include ABA, national wholesalers (Ingram, B&T) and investment arms of publishing conglomerates.
  • Investor objectives are annual dividends and long-term appreciation, while supporting growth of key customer segment.
  • Capital would be callable beyond seed round with aim of $10 million: $40 million by year three.
  • Government (including Small Business Administration) involvement though grants or guarantees.